Donkeys in elephants clothing :

The Log Cabin Liberals

By: Steve Yuhas


What is it about the nation that we’ve become so hyphenated?  We’re African-American, Asian-American, Jewish-American and now the newly famous Gay-American.  What used to be wonderful about the Republican Party is that it resisted the urge to over-hyphenate itself into little special interest groups that got together every four years simply to oppose candidates; rather it closed ranks to actually stand for something.


The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) calls itself a Republican organization.  The organization claims 12,000 members, but that is hard to believe since a query of memberships in the three most populous states: California, Texas and New York of state LCR office showed duly paid membership totals of only 233 people.


Their mission statement says, “We are loyal Republicans. We believe in low taxes, limited government, strong defense, free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.”


Sounds Republican to me, unfortunately, there is more to being a Republican than simply talking about national security and limited government.  The devil is in the details and when it comes to social issues the LCR run lock step with the most radical gay organizations.


According to Christopher Barron, political director of the national office of the Log Cabin Republicans, “we are a gay organization and don’t take stands on issues that don’t directly involve the gay community.”  I inquired if he could tell me any social issue that doesn’t affect gay people and his response was, “I’m not going to do your research for you.”


LCR desires to legalize gay marriage, are opposed to the Federal Marriage Amendment, desire to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military, want even more money to be spent to seek a cure for and treatment of American HIV/AIDS patients and seeks to elevate sexual orientation to the same level as race in the eyes of the law.  Those are the only social issues that LCR believe are important to the Republican Party; amazingly they are the most radical and divisive in society today.


I pressed Barron for information on how issues like school vouchers and faith based initiatives, but his explanations all went back to the LCR being a gay interest group and not very interested in issues that don’t affect gays.  Surely there is a gay family somewhere that would love to remove their child from a poorly performing school and if any of their members fall on their luck or become addicted to drugs, would it be a bad thing to take a position saying that federal funds should be permitted to go to a church that specializes in cleansing the body of the drug and the soul of the need?


Everything they stand for and everything they fight for is the antithesis of the mainstream social agenda that most Republicans desire and the only social issues that matter to them have to do with their sexuality. 


Barron even took credit for the prime-time speakers list at the Republican National Convention, “look at the prime-time speakers list, LCR had a lot to do with mainstreaming the party.”  I asked him if he truly believed that the speakers for the convention were picked because they happen to be on the gay-friendly list of Republicans and he was quite adamant that they were. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger is speaking because he is the Republican governor of California with an almost 75% approval rating and Rudy Giuliani was mayor on that terrible day in September when our nation was attacked in the same city hosting the convention.  Those men are obvious speakers, but Zell Miller certainly doesn’t believe in pushing a radical gay agenda and President Bush and Vice President Cheney, the other major speakers at the convention, are not onboard with removing morality from the GOP.


Most recently the LCR joined with pro-choice Republican groups to insert what they call the “Party Unity” plank into the GOP platform.  It said, "We recognize and respect that Republicans of good faith may not agree with all the planks in the party's platform.  This is particularly the case with regard to those planks dealing with abortion, family planning, and gay and lesbian issues.”


Thankfully, the platform committee rejected the already obvious concept that people in the GOP have differing views on issues dealing with abortion and sexuality.  There was no need to put it in writing and make the issues seem trivial when they are not.


Anyone can be a member of the Republican Party and anyone who wants to affect change need only attend meetings and take on a leadership role.  I take exception with the notion that one has to be a member of a fringe group hyphenated by a special interest to affect change. 


I have been a gay social conservative member of the party for many years.  I don’t believe that the radical gay agenda that the left embraces and the LCR wants to push upon the GOP is good for society or the GOP. 


I like belonging to a party that believes in the importance of marriage being a union between a man and a woman and one that believes that children belong in a home with a mother and a father.  LCR have a goal to turn the GOP into a version of the Democratic Party when it comes to social issues and I reject the premise that we should not stand up for traditional American values, especially when the group advocating the change can’t look beyond its own sexuality to see what is best for America. 


When it comes to the LCR one need only look at their mission statement and issue papers to see that they are donkeys masquerading as elephants and if they had their way the GOP would no longer stand for anything beyond protecting the nation and decreasing taxes. 


Social issues are not peripheral to either political party - certainly not the GOP.  For the LCR to pretend that they are is to deny what it really means to be a Republican.  The party more than simply “tolerates” people who disagree with parts of the platform – it embraces them, but the GOP will not turn itself into a party of interest groups at least one of which runs lock step with the radical gay social agenda. 


If members of the LCR want to belong to the GOP and to actually make change – they need to come and sit at the adult table.  When you faction yourself into an interest group that is defined by you sexual activity – you’re going to remain at the kiddie table when dinner is served. 


Frankly, the 233 dues paying members of the top three states deserve to be at the kiddie table until they stop defining who they are by who they sleep with and join a party that doesn’t care what they do in the bedroom.