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Repeal of DADT: time for ousted servicemembers to return
Either we're at war or we're not
Coulter Goes Gay
Are gays really the root of all political evil?  WND says yes!
WikiLeaks contributors committed treason

Secretary Napolitano says system worked – huh?

Netanyahu Rightfully Says No to Obama
The First 100 Days & the Enamored Press
America's Tyrannical Government and Foreign Controlled Foreign Policy
The Bush Legace: A Nuclear Iran?
Israel's War for a New Normal: The Hamas Must Go
An Independent Conservative Disgusted by Both Choices
Visions of Grandeur by Barack Obama
John McCain Throws North Carolina GOP Leaders Overboard
Candle-in-the-Windbag: Elton John Smacks Democrats
Hillary Clinton: Snipers, Army & Marines, Oh My!
Jewish Voters Must Say No to Obama with Votes & Cash
What is Wrong with Political Wives?
Hollywood is Dead? Not So, O'Reilly
Beth Twitty: Do Not Believe van der Sloot - Confession denied
The NY Times' Sad Commentary on Vets
Natalee Holloway: Where are the Search Funds?
Veterans Day Takes on a Whole New Meaning
Politics of a Firestorm: San Diego, California
Nobel Mediocrity: Jimmy Carter & Al Gore
Congress Can Learn a lot from Veterans
Columbia University: Hitler – Yes, Ahmadinejad – Yes, US Military – No
Ignore bin Laden's rantings to our peril
Senator Craig is a pervert; not all gays think alike
Lesbian Fire Chief Orders Gay Pride March in San Diego
The Quran is a hate crime - against the United States
The National Intelligence Estimate: We've Been Warned
Severely Injured Vets Pay 'Penalty Tax' in California
Paris Hilton a Judicial Hissy Fit & Media Circus
D-Day: The Next Greatest Generation is Now
Amnesty: Sometimes a little rebellion is good for America
Jihadist feet washing only the beginning
Talk or morning radio doesn't have to be raunchy to work
Nancy Grace & Terry Moran have a Duke problem
Cashing in on their Capture: UK Sailors & Marines a Disgrace
The Loony Left: shouldn't they protest Iran's acts of war?
Rooms with a View: GITMO cells & al Qaeda Safe Houses
If only liberals still had Air America: Ann Coulter, Scooter Libby & Walter Reed

Iran and Nazi Germany have eerily similar messages

What to do with Army deserter Ehren Watada; Send him to jail in Iraq and strip him of his bars

Joe Francis:  Girls Gone Wild targeted by Justice Dept; now get back to work fighting real crime
MSNBC’s Very Own Conspiracy Nut: Keith Olbermann & Fox’s fictional TV show ‘24’
Duke “rape” case: DA Nifong should be disbarred & the accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, locked up
CNN's obtuse logic: show American troops being shot, but not a dictator being hanged
Natalee Holloway: Is no jurisdiction safe from Twitty lawsuits; Parents declare her dead
UN Ambassador John Bolton: GOP should force vote while still in control

John Kerry: Idiots in camouflage – he wanted to be commander in chief?

Michael J Fox: ballot measures – Parkinson’s mess; Boston Legal – perfectly OK
Air America Bankruptcy & Cindy Sheehan Nobel Prize: Delusions of success and grandeur
California Governor Race: an odd campaign to go with an odd Democratic candidate
Do Democrats remember 9-11 as an act of war or as just another day?
Kofi Annan Visits the New Hitler – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Terror Profiling: Time to decide if we pat down grandmas or Muslims

The Question of the Week: Why Planes? Let me answer; look at Israel
Reuters: If you can't trust their pictures; how can you trust their reporting?
Gays get another “Celebrity” Notch in their Bedpost: another cowardly coming out

Israel at War: Eurpoean Union Sides with Hitler - Hezbollah not a Terrorist Group in EU

Lebanon, Syria & Iran: Acts of War against Israel and Lessons for America
Independence Day

Marines Charged for Murder of Iraqi - Political Prosecution to Appease the Left & Islamic World

Another Week I'm Glad not to be a Democrat; a Liberal in particular
al-Zarqawi's, Jersey Girls and Ann Coulter – a Strange, but Useful, Comparison
Bipartisanship Finally Comes to Congress: FBI Raid Rage Hypocritical
One Year of Natalee Holloway & Beth Twitty; Ten Arrests & Nothing but Talking Heads to Show for it
National Security Agency Probes: Americans Love Giving Up Private Information
No Jihad for Moussaoui: Life in Prison, No Virgins, so much for death to America
Treason at the CIA: Our greatest adversary cannot be our most necessary partner in war
Natalee Holloway on Dutch TV and Twitty’s Don’t Want Case Moved to Aruba
Three Tracks for Illegals: Send All Lawmakers Home QUICK before it Passes!
Irish Teen Falls Overboard; Natalee Holloway Disappears in Aruba: Parents Intervene too Late
Where Have all the Anti-War Protestors Gone?

Conservative Jews must choose faith over trend

Iraq is not in Civil War - despite Mainestream Media Hype for the Contrary
Europe's Jihad against journalists and free speech
Twitty & Holloway vs. van der Sloot - Who is really to Blame for Natalee's Disappearance?
UN Says Close GITMO: USA Should Expand It
Cartoon Riots: Violence is Islamic Reality
The State of Cindy Sheehan's Union: Hysterical and Bipolar
Hamas Edges Out Fatah: Palestinians Elect Terrorists to do the Work of Statesmen
2006 Iran Looks and Sounds Remarkably Like 1981 Iraq; Israel May Save the World...Again
The Democratic Inquisition of Samuel Alito: Tears, Accusations and Senatorial Stupidity
John Demjanjuk (or Ivan the Terrible), Ordered Out of the USA: Thirty Years to Send a Nazi Home?
Message to New York City Transit Workers: Return to Work or Lose Your Jobs Forever; then Abolish Public Worker Unions
National Security Agency Leak: A Few Americans Investigated; Better Than Another London
Christmas is Coming: Time for the Hypersensitive to Get Offended
Governor Riley says Boycott Aruba: That's like Taking Marital Advice from a Twitty
The Real CIA Leak & Protecting America: Defense Not a Priority for Democrats, but Investigations Are
The Democratic Party: I Wonder What It Feels Like to be So Irrelevant, but they Had the Front Page
The Court Battle Everyone Wanted: Bush Picks Solid Conservative - Samuel Alito
Political Indictments I Can Live With: Indict Libby & Condoleezza Rice Becomes Vice President
Collateral Damage: Arrests Warrants for American Troops by Spanish Judge, Sue Spain!
The Bush Court: More was Asked of Harriet Miers than “Steak or Chicken?”
Hurricanes Katrina & Rita: Mainstream Media Biggest Casualty of All
Iran's Nuclear Program: War Ready in Two Years; Timing for Action Depends on Israel
Voting and Identification Cards: Common Sense on the Right; Racism on the Left
Racism in New Orleans Fails the Logic Test
Natural Disasters: One Disaster Should be Our Maximum; Then People are on their Own
Hurricane Katrina: Robert Kennedy - Bush and Barbour Caused It
To An American Soldier at Walter Reed: Don't Mind Code Pink, They're Not America
Cindy Sheehan: The Media's Desperate Search for an Anti-War Movement that is not There
Gay Conservative: The Oxymoron that Isn’t & the Self-Appointed Conservative Gatekeepers
Iraq Body Count: Macabre Democratic Entertainment
Two Months Too Many of Nancy Grace & Natalee Holloway: Stop the Aruba Bashing
San Diego Gay Pride: Pedophiles on Parade (and In Charge) - Cops, Sponsors & Politicians Must Boycott
Supreme Choice for the Court: Judge John Roberts and the Futility of Media Speculation
Gay Shame: They call it Pride; Stereotypes, Decadence and Indecency Take to the Streets
London Attack: Political Left & Democratic Rhetoric Helps Terrorists; London Left Holding the Bag
Fraudulent Stories, Contempt of Court, Political Bias - and Still Editors Scratch Their Heads
O'Connor is out: Janice Rogers Brown for the U.S. Supreme Court
Private Property? Conservatives Must Regain Supreme Court Control; Democrats Defined
Aruba: Natalee Holloway Would Have Been a One Day Story if Her Name was Lateefah
Talk of a New Military Draft: Same Players, Same Dancers and Same Old Clichés
John Kerry "D," George Bush "C," Steve Yuhas "A" - Who Has the GPA to be President?
Schwarzenegger the Environmental Wacko: Global Warming & Symbolism - Empty Agenda and Little Else
Memorial Day: Generation X bonds with the Greatest Generation; Baby Boomer Mistakes - Forgiven
Judicial Fight Not Over; the Supreme Court Fight is Coming and the GOP is Lost
Newsweek: Treason, libel against our troops and a CBS reputation with one article – BRAVO
Terrorist sent a message: Come to D.C. - all welcome; Cessna should have been shot down
Primetime Snore: American Idol's Paula Abdul and a Thug hit it Off, Who Cares?
Schwarzenegger: Illegal Immigrant Bashing is not a Bad Thing – breaking the law is the bad thing
Pope Benedict XVI: Already Hated By the Liberal Media, Abortionists, Gays & Cafeteria Catholics
The Supreme Judiciary: Schiavo Died – the Modern Court System Should Suffer Same Fate
The Problem with Gasoline Costs: Taxes, Politicians & Poor People - Not Corporations

Terri Schiavo:  Cruel and Unusual Government Sanctioned Murder OK - For the Innocent

John McCusker: Denial of Catholic Funeral Not About Being Gay – Destructive Behavior

Senate says YES to ANWR: Oil is About National Security - Not Polar Bears and Caribou
San Diego City Council: We're here, we're atheist, we're corrupt & indicted - get used to it

Italian Communist Journalist shot; Escort Killed: Too bad it wasn’t the other way around

MARTHA STEWART PARTIALLY FREE: Miscarriage of Justice Almost Complete

Media Matters for America Doesn’t: David Brock is just one angry Mary

UNITED NATIONS: Bribery, Harassment and Rape – Doctor Heal Thy Self

Super HIV: Behavior, Bathhouses and Drugs – San Diego’s Biological Gay Time Bomb

Mud Wrestling Troops: Bill Clinton making calendars for tsunami relief – NOW & CAIR outraged

General Mattis and his Marines versus the Terrorist Lovers at CAIR

First Medal of Honor since Somalia: One Tampa Man redefines what it is to be a hero

January 30, 2005: What Do We Do With all the "Experts" that got everything wrong

The Passion of the Christ & Der Untergang: Two films similar yet decidedly different

Military Chaplain Crosses the Line: Mission to support not convert Jewish servicemen

CBS & Armstrong Williams: Peanuts compared to the AP, AFP, CNN & BBC “Reporting” from the Palestinian Authority

Seymour Hersh: Dubious Sources an Interesting Read, but a Hopeful Future in the War on Terror

Heil Harry:  Little Harry Hitler’s Swastika Amusement

Supreme Court: Florida Gay Adoption Ban OK:  Children Better Off; Gays Incensed

Palestinians Elect Abu Abbas: Abbas & Arafat cut from same cloth

How to Break into America - Mexico and Al Qaeda Style: Mexican how-to guide similar to terror group
The Telegraph Popularity Poll: How can so many Brits be so stupid?
Bush-Clinton Tsunami Togetherness Tour: An Unnecessary Reality Show
Muslim Nations Stingy: America cares more whether it is a mullah or Mother Nature
Tsunami Aid Packages Grow into Billions: Sri Lanka Refuses Most Israeli Help
Holiday Travel Nightmares: Continental, Delta & US Airways Fail Their Customers
BBC 2004 year in review: America & Israel Bad: Everything Else: Good
Clinton Talks Tsunami; Bush Administration Provides Aid: Guess who is criticized?
UN: US Stingy; UN Corrupt
If Only Kerik Were Named Clinton
Rumsfeld Under Fire: John McCain should Resign
Three Years After Yeseterday: September 11th
Steroid Scandal Overblown and Hypocritical
A Specific Unspecific Terror Threat in San Diego
Compulsory Military Service for All
An Odd Way to Bring Gays into the Mainstream
Another civilian beheading in Iraq
Iran’s pre-emptive promise:  on the brink of nuclear confrontation
French Anti-Semitism reaches from Paris to Poland
John Kerry’s Up-Hill Battle to win over the military and veterans
Republican National Convention Good Luck New York City
Donkeys in Elephants Clothing: The log cabin liberals
C/BS Memo-Gate: Enough about 1972
Minister  & Dr. Edwards - too much to answer
The Blue Flu - Flu shortage overblown and political
Popular vote mistake: Litigation of Elections
BUSH WINS: Time to Crush the Left & Hollywood
Bush Victory: Anything, but questionable

Gay Backlash: Election proves it is time for a federal amendment against gay marriage

San Diego Mayor's Race - Palm Beach on the west coast
The Marine in the Video is a Hero
Time to Rid Iraq of Garbage - terrorists & reporters
Don't Amend for Arnold or Jen
Hindsight is 20/20: Hate Crime Laws Should be Repealed
Federal Funds Should be Withheld from Any School that Refuses Military Access
Gay Gay Republicans: Bill Clinton - the first black, gay & impeached president - into gay bashing
Election 2004: Now Kerry Blames Pamphlets & Edwards Blames Smoke Signals from Indian Girl
Pope John Paul II: Generation X continues to lose our greatest leaders, but their values remain