9/11 Commission - What About Congress' Culpability?

Washington D.C. Has Turned From Historic City To One Enormous Swap Meet

Unwanted Endorsements: Harsh Language Hurting the Troops

Torture by America: Here we go Again

The Sacrifice of Police Officers

A Story of Heroes - Just Doing Their Job

Abu Ghraib Gate has run its course -
hazing at a prison is nothing compared to what they do to Americans

Armchair Generals and Spoiled Reporters make Coverage Biased and Bland

A Tale of Two Cities - Airline Industry Bailout and Barber Shop Blues

AWOL moms and orphaned children: Mothers ought not be in combat

Banning Christmas - ever meet a happy atheist?

Border Patrol: Why Even Bother?

Border Patrol agents ordered not to apprehend illegal immigrants

Bring Them Home Now a fraud - honest dissent absent on the left

Brutal partial birth abortion banned and woman in Florida given right to live

Defining Marriage in the Constitution

The Democratic Convention - Where Did All the Democrats Go?

Democrat "debates" - visceral hate for President Bush and little else

DNC Should Vet Their Token Republican Outrage

French Anti-Semitism Reaches from Paris to Poland

Gay appointments by Bush draws fire from some conservatives

Gay Marriage in Massachusetts

Hollywood's Foreign Policy Stinks

Holy Sashes

Iran's pre-emptive promise: 

John Kerry's Promise of a New Gay Military

John Kerry's Up-Hill Battle to Win Over Veterans

Married priest leaves wife to return to the church Publicity stunt takes back seat to
sacred vows of Catholic priest

Mayor Newsome's Kingdom: Fine Line Between Anarchy and Civil Disobedience

The Murder of Nick Berg

A few suggestions for New Year Resolutions

Pat Tillman Proves That a Draft is Unnecessary

Radio Shock Jocks and Their Just Reward

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