Either We’re At War Or We’re Not

By: Steve Yuhas On Wednesday another convert to Islam was arrested in what the F.B.I. is calling a real attempt to bomb an American Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Maryland. Antonio Martinez, who called himself Muhammed Hussain, is a U.S. citizen and was arrested by authorities after he attempted to detonate a bomb outside Baltimore. […]

The Gay Gestapo Bagged a Duck

By: Steve Yuhas Phil Robertson, 67, is the patriarch of the Robertson clan – a hard-working Louisiana bayou family of Christians turned television royalty on A&E Network’s “Duck Dynasty.”  When news broke that A&E placed Phil on ‘indefinite hiatus’ (in the middle of a Duck Dynasty marathon), I could not wait to learn what caused […]

WikiLeaks contributors committed treason

By: Steve Yuhas Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Taliban, told British reporters from an undisclosed location that the terrorist group was going through WikiLeaks to find American spies in order to distribute justice.  In Taliban speak that means they will find them, cut off their heads, post the video to YouTube for all to see, […]

Secretary Napolitano says system worked – huh?

By: Steve Yuhas As Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was making the talk show rounds on Sunday to talk about the terrorist attack against the United States on Christmas she came out with a most curious tale: the “system worked” as it should have. On Christmas Eve, 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, boarded Northwest Airlines Flight […]

Post 9-11 GI Bill

Veterans have a new GI Bill, it is called the Post 9-11 GI Bill, but whatever it is called it means more money to you and money faster. Hopefully the slow processing times are a thing of the past. We shall see, but give them a try and see what you EARNED and never consider […]

Coulter Goes Gay

By: Steve Yuhas By the time my friends and I arrived at the Manhattan apartment of entrepreneur Peter Thiel, conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter was already there.  She stood casually near a table having a glass of wine looking at the list of us who thought it important enough to help sponsor this event.  […]

Show Postings August 25, 2013

Democrat Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Friday after a month under fire for sexual harassment allegations and OTHER ISSUES, including spending tens of thousands of local tax money to fly his personal security team to Paris to speak to an organization that had nothing to do with San Diego. His resignation, effective August 30th was […]

Military OneSource

We get a lot of calls and emails about military benefits. One of the best places to go is Military OneSource, if you need information it is a great place to start. Consider this a place to start, but never be afraid to write to ask – if we don’t know the answer, we know […]

Show Postings August 18, 2013

KOGO’s special coverage of the Bob Filner recall petition and process. Petition gathering and a rally taking place at San Diego City Hall with coverage by KOGO’s Mike Hancock and rally participants. We heard from both sides in this scandal – some want Mayor Filner to go and others say that he should stay. 10News […]

Show Postings August 04, 2013

President Obama ordered the closure of U.S. embassies from Algeria to Bangladesh because of a threat – a specific one – that caused fear among the foreign service and military planners. The President and the Congress won’t tell us what the threat is, but this is unprecedented – the United States didn’t close our embassies […]