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September 30, 2013-

The Jewish holidays are coming to a close, but the NFL season continues. Our program is preempted for the following games (and the Chargers beat Dallas yesterday so it might be good luck that when we're on the air after the Chargers play, they might very well win! We'll be off on: October 13, 20; November 3, 17, 24; and December 15 - unless the Chargers end up in the playoffs or Super Bowl of course, then it could well be that we're preempted for those games.  Now to the news: The U.S. Senate decided not to work on Sunday and the Senate chamber was empty - this just a day away from a government shutdown.  Some say the Democrats are trying to run out the clock, but the Republicans are not doing what they need to do to draw attention to the fact that the Democrats are failing the American people. What's worse: The measure presented to completely fund the government, never to interrupt military pay, repeal the medical device tax in ObamaCare, and that will do for individuals what President Obama did for businesses - delay the law for one year - is reasonable and has sufficient votes to pass in the Senate, but Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate, won't allow a vote!  A lot of other news happening as well and we'll make sure you have it - give us a listen with KOGO OnDemand.


September 1, 2013-

Mayor Bob Filner is no more.  HIs last day in office was on August 30th and his ability to inflict damage on the City of San Diego is now limited to whether or not other women come forward to complain about how they were treated by the mayor.  As the show began, Politico responded to a press release issued by the DeMaio for Congress campaign that says DeMaio would be making an announcement on Tuesday about whether or not he'll drop his bid for Congress and step-in and run for mayor.  Of course his camp and the San Diego GOP got upset when I "railed" against DeMaio and made fun of him missing the bathroom - the chairman of the San Diego Republican Party wrote to me that my being opposed to DeMaio was tiring. So is losing to Democrats up and down the length and width of California.  I'm actually sick of the California GOP and the San Diego GOP frankly, they're so pompous, but they continue to lose.  They expect people just to pretend that California and the San Diego region hasn't gone from being bright red to being purple - at best - if not blue.  They think if they run moderates that they'll do better and every moderate they run loses.  The same is true with DeMaio and his supporters don't like when he's compared to the Democrats in the race, but show me a difference between him and Scott Peters?  Real differences, not the silly little things as if Peters doesn't want to balance the federal budget - all of them will fight against BRACs and RIFs because they know it will cost federal jobs in the San Diego area so that's no difference and the list goes on.  I'll keep talking about DeMaio so long as he keeps putting out press releases.  I never asked for them, but his campaign insists on giving them.  Syria turned bizarre on Saturday as President Obama went to the Rose Garden to say that he doesn't have to go to Congress for permission to strike Syria over its use of chemical weapons, but he said they're going to go to Congress anyway.  Many take this as Obama suddenly realizing that there are separation of powers, but the reality is that Obama is alone - after Britain refused to back our use of force in Syria all Obama has left is France.  France will cheer us on, but all of the work will be left to the USA - as it always is.  The debate should be interesting and a failure in the Congress would be terrible for the country.  Putin and Obama will see each other this coming week at the G20 in St. Petersburg, Russia.  That should be a cold cold meeting.


August 25, 2013-

Democrat Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Friday after a month under fire for sexual harassment allegations and OTHER ISSUES, including spending tens of thousands of local tax money to fly his personal security team to Paris to speak to an organization that had nothing to do with San Diego. His resignation, effective August 30th was approved after what can only be described as bizarre. Pro-Filner forces seem to have arrived by space ship and garbage truck. Anti-Filner forces asked that the recall effort move forward and some asked what happened to the San Diego Police Department and if they were complicit in the mayor’s activities. The deal is done and Mayor Filner will depart and so far folks have begun filing to run in the special election: Nathan Fletcher (the Republican, the Independent, and the Democrat), but also the only Marine in the bunch, filed for office. But wouldn't it be nice to have a non-politician in the office? What is all the garbage with jazz hands during city council meetings (so people didn’t clap) and the ridiculous “it’s time to heal” garbage?  Nobody knows what will happen when Filner steps down, but Todd Gloria will be the acting mayor and says he has no interest in the job (who would) so that leaves the oxygen to be taken-up by Carl DeMaio who won't say if he's going to end his Congressional bid for the seat in Congress currently held by Rep. Scott Peters (D-52) or if he'll move over to the race for the mayor's office.  Then there is the lead up to war in Syria.  The President is acting as though a military strike could come at any time, but he's not pushing the button or pulling the trigger and, worse than that, he's telegraphing to our enemy what we are and are not going to do.  The whole thing is expected to be over a couple of days after it starts, but will that be enough to do anything?  What is our purpose on having a military strike?  Nobody is able to answer.  Should be an interesting week.


August 18, 2013-

KOGO's special coverage of the Bob Filner recall petition and process.  Petition gathering and a rally taking place at San Diego City Hall with coverage by KOGO's Mike Hancock and rally participants.  We heard from both sides in this scandal - some want Mayor Filner to go and others say that he should stay.  10News is reporting that about 80% of San Diego voters want Mayor Bob Filner to resign, but he is holding out for the best deal.  We hear from the rally, demonstrators, lawyers, non-lawyers, and from the scene.  The good news is that we've come a long way in making sure that people are treated with respect. Yuhas took some criticism for not being on board with the recall itself because everybody knew who Bob Filner was when they elected Filner as Mayor of San Diego - now they're mad that he was caught?  Is it right to recall somebody for being a horrible person?  The City Council is said to be looking at a deal and the Steve Yuhas prediction: City Council will cut a deal Filner and he'll leave with his head high and with limited liability - that's almost certain. One final thing: People called the program and the most recent victim was made fun of because she was not pretty enough to be hit on by Bob Filner.  That is horrible and just as bad as what Filner did.


August 11, 2013-

The devil is in the details about San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's rehab, but one thing we do know - it's over. The mayor is cured!  Speaking of him being cured - next Sunday (August 18 and the next time we're on the air - we'll come to you early at 2:00 p.m. to cover the big anti-Filner rally at City Hall - should be interesting to see how the cured mayor responds to vocal criticism).  Join us then.  Of course there is much more news - the first system-wide Amber Alert woke people up because the system sent multiple messages to people from San Diego to San Francisco about a teen that was taken after her brother and mother were killed by a friend of the family.  She was recovered and her abductor shot and killed by police. The Amber Alert had nothing to do with finding her and that is going to be cause to turn the thing off.  Egypt is erupting into turmoil as the Muslim Brotherhood savages continue their anti-Egyptian protest - they're burning churches and Obama is calling them protests as if they are peaceful - the protests against the Egyptian military are as much a protest as the demolition and assassination of the American ambassador in Benghazi was a protest - pure fiction and the president will be golfing on what is sure to be a deadly week.


August 4, 2013-

President Obama ordered the closure of U.S. embassies from Algeria to Bangladesh because of a threat – a specific one – that caused fear among the foreign service and military planners. The President and the Congress won’t tell us what the threat is, but this is unprecedented – the United States didn’t close our embassies after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against New York and the Pentagon (to be fair, we scaled-back on consular duties), but a closure? No. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is hanging on (so is Anthony Weiner), but the Democratic ‘War on Women’ has brought out yet another claimant – this makes the exposure to the city in the high tens of millions of dollars. The San Diego City Council voted unanimously not to fund the defense or settlements that might come about after Filner comes out of his two week rehab program to change a lifetime of behavior. None of that will matter because his actions took place while he was acting in his official capacity as mayor of the city he leads and his defense of not having a city sexual harassment class falls on deaf ears given he spent 45 years in public office of one type or another and when he was a Congressman (a federal employee) he did have training.  The economy is not growing and some are calling Generation Y (and the millenials) the lost generation, but there’s hope. Nidal Hasan (a Major in the U.S. Army who sprayed fellow American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas with gunfire for allah) goes to trial on Monday. It’s taken years for the event, that happened in 2009, to go to trial, but even with admissions from Hasan that he did the attack on Americans for allah and against the United States as a terror attack, troops looking to be compensated for their actions in combat are receiving nothing because the Obama Administration says the event was little more than workplace violence. And don't forget (much, much more at: http://www.kogo.com/pages/steveyuhas.html#ixzz2cB0hjN7V


July 28, 2013-

Disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner came out on Friday for an unannounced press event that everybody thought would be his resignation announcement – it wasn’t. Mayor Filner has had seven decades of bad behavior – behavior where he treats women in ways that only somebody with an ongoing war on women could and his special announcement? Well, he’s going to take two weeks off, during the previously announced summer recess of the San Diego City Council, to get help for a lifetime of sexual abuse targeted toward women. Really? Two weeks is all it takes to change a lifetime of bad behavior? This guy is a laughing stock (it’s tough to decide who the bigger pervert is: Anthony Weiner who continued “sexting” long after he left Congress or the Bob Filner). One thing we do know: They’re both Democrats and they’re being asked to step aside by their party, but many are defending them saying what they did is private. What do you think about Mayor Filner’s two-week plan and the Weiner problem in NYC? President Obama is out talking about the economy – he has no new ideas and instead rolled out the phrase to avoid responsibility for anything happening in Washington: Phony scandal. He doesn’t say which of the scandals in Washington, D.C. (that he apparently forgets he leads one of three branches of) – is the one where the IRS targeted Americans for their political beliefs? What about Benghazi – four Americans died because their security requests were turned down at the State Department – surely he can’t say that is phony (after the phony excuse of an internet video nobody saw)? Is Fast & Furious a scandal – hundreds of Mexicans were killed with guns imported from the United States with hopes to somehow track them… without tracking them – and a border agent and Americans were killed with the same guns? How about snooping on reporters – is that a fake scandal or the real thing?  Traitor Update: It’s hard to keep up with all of the updates coming out about Army Major Nidal Hasan, Private Bradley Manning, and former Booz Allen Hamilton employee and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, but we’ll try. And, much, much more on the Steve Yuhas page at: Read more: http://www.kogo.com/pages/steveyuhas.html#ixzz2cB07bKF9


July 21, 2013-

We predicted a baby by this time last time we were on the air and like the hordes of media camped outside the hospital, the Duchess of Cambridge (who will give birth to the Prince or Princess of Cambridge soon) hasn’t had her baby ---- yet. If it happens when we’re on the air, we’ll take you to London. And as one life ends (Helen Thomas – who I thought was already dead) died at 92 on Saturday… another is scheduled to begin (and did just hours after we went off the air).  We were the first program to bring you live reaction to the verdict in the George Zimmerman case, but that was a week ago and the verdict still has people talking about – what else – race. In a ‘surprise’ appearance in the White House briefing room, President Obama stoked the fires of racism by not only comparing Trayvon Martin to himself, but saying that he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago (nothing like a little narcissism to get the weekend of protests off to a good start). Remember, it was President Obama who said last year that if he had a son he would “look like Trayvon” and now Obama (referring to something: maybe the fact that the 17-year-old Trayvon that we’ve all come to know through pictures of him as a 12-year-old instead of the high school student he actually was used drugs, knew how to fight, and hated white people). The continuing saga of Mayor Bob Filner continues as people from both sides of the aisle are calling on the embattled, kind of perverted, San Diego mayor to resign. You know a scandal made it to the mainstream and to the point of no return when the late night comedians begin weighing-in on the issue – and lucky for people in San Diego – the city is now defined by a mayor who calls himself a hugger, but who women around him tend to fear. Rolling Stone magazine is being criticized because their cover includes one of the Boston Marathon bombers. I’m not one to defend ‘Rolling Stone’ because I don’t read the magazine and generally don’t care who is on the cover, but why do politicians feel like they need to weigh-in on issues that are – when you think about it – trivial?


July 14, 2013-

The big news of the day was the not guilty verdict reached in Florida in the State of Florida v. George Zimmerman.  The jury of six women deliberated for about 17 hours and came to the unanimous verdict after only two questions for the judge - even with a mob of skittle holding, hoodie wearing people outside the window of the deliberation room.  It was brave of these women to apply the law in a case that was nothing less than mob rule.  Race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton took to the streets and promised "no justice, no peace" and yelled other tired, old slogans to gin-up the media desired riot, but they failed. There was sporadic violence in places like Oakland, but it was probably less about the verdict than it was about the conditions of life for blacks in the USA.  Other news include the search for yet another United States Marine kidnapped and still missing south of the border in Mexico.  A lot of news surrounding the Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, and his antics of (what else) sexual harassment of people at city hall.  Here I thought Bob Filner was gay - turns out he's so straight that he's sticking his tongue down staffers' throats.  Then there is Carl DeMaio who wrote an op-ed in the Union Tribune about how to solve all of the problems of California - well he doesn't really offer that many solutions, but that's his way: platitudes = results in his mind, but is it just me or is he running for the wrong office? Do you really turn a failed bid for mayor into a run for Congress? Maybe he'll win, maybe not, but if he does win it will be pure luck, not because of anything other than he's not got a challenger by any stretch of the imagination.

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The demon is a mob, and the mob is demonic. The Democratic Party activates mobs, depends on mobs, coddles mobs, publicizes and celebrates mobs—it is the mob. Sweeping in its scope and relentless in its argument, Demonic explains the peculiarities of liberals as standard groupthink behavior. To understand mobs is to understand liberals.

by: Ann Coulter

Decision Points

Whatever you think about his presidency and whatever your thoughts are on 9-11 (unless you are a 9-11 "truther" nut), this is a good read that comes from the heart.  You get to take a detailed look into what Bush was thinking when he made the choices he did not only when he was POTUS, but when he was climbing the ladder ot the White House.  It is not snarky or pompous - in fact - it is a very humble look by someone who appears to be at peace by what he did as President of the United States.

by: George W. Bush


The Greatest U.S. Marine Corps Stories Ever Told: Unforgettable Stories of Courage, Honor, and Sacrifice

On Friday, November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress approved a resolution for the organization of the Corps, creating what would become the hallowed few, the proud--the Marines. Since then, the men and women of the United States Marine Corps have created the finest traditions of service and honor, and supplied a pantheon of heroes who have upheld them.

by: Iain Martin


The Obama Diaries

The envelope contained copies of what appeared to be diary entries written by President Barack Obama, his family, and high-ranking administration officials. Because the "diaries" are so revealing, Ingraham felt compelled to release them to the American public and the citizens of the world.

by: Laura Ingraham

Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero

Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero

In this macho, profanity-laced memoir by a 2003 Iraqi invasion veteran, Martinez describes himself as a Hispanic juvenile delinquent from Albuquerque, N.Mex., who turned his life around by joining the marines in 2001. His exploits (including winning the Navy Cross) will entertain military buffs.

by: Marco Martinez


Day of Reckoning

An eye-opening analysis of the forces foreign and domestic that are threatening us today in a series of crises that are more severe than any we have faced in our history.

by: Pat Buchanan


My Grandfather's Son

Thomas tells his own moving, inspiring story -- from the deprivations and humiliations of his youth to the unconscionable defamation he suffered at the hands of the Left during his hotly contested confirmation battle for the Supreme Court.

by: Justice Clarence Thomas

America Alone

European and Islamic anti-Americanism, he explains, threatens to leave us isolated in the world: the global situation is rapidly reaching a point at which America will have to confront the enemies of civilization without help from anyone else.

by: Mark Steyn


The Truth About Hillary

Everyone knows that Bill Clinton wanted to be President of the United States ever since he was a boy. What almost no one knows is that his wife Hillary harbored the same ambition since she was a girl -- and that her plan from the very start of their marriage was to succeed him in the Oval Office.

by: Ed Klein


The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

Want to know about Barack Obama in his own words?  This is a re-print in paperback of his first book (not to be confused with the moderate looking read you get from his most recent literary endeavor).  Ignore the stuff about him as a teenager, but really find out about the guy who has a radical preacher and poor judgment who happens to also want to be President of the United States.

by Barack Obama


Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies

Fully documented responses to no fewer than 241 of the most common claims made by the Left on all the most important political, social, and cultural issues of our day

by Gregg Jackson

A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media

"Never in my memory," says veteran journalist Bernard Goldberg, "were so many journalists so intent on effecting change as they were during the campaign of 2008." Sure, mainstream journalists always root for the Democrat -- Richard Nixon complained of media bias as long ago as his presidential campaign against John F. Kennedy in 1960. But in 2008 it went beyond that. In A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media, Goldberg shows that this time journalists were not satisfied merely being partisan witnesses to history.

by: Bernard Goldberg

On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting for

Texas governor Rick Perry, through the legacy of the Boy Scouts of America, takes dead aim at the moral relativism of the secular humanist movement, indicting its corrosive impact on the culture. Examining the left's legal assaults on the Boy Scouts of America - which span more than 30 years - Perry offers prescient insight into the multi-faceted war, which pits the proponents of traditional American values against the radical leftist movement that seeks to tear down our social foundations.
by: Rick Perry


Offering eye-opening new insights not covered in the original book, FairTax: The Truth debunks the negative myths and gross misrepresentations of this groundbreaking idea. The FairTax plan is simple, brilliant, and it will work—enabling you to keep all the money in your paycheck; eliminating the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system; and revolutionizing the way America pays for itself.
by: Neal Boortz

Great Quotations That Shaped the Western World
A fascinating chronicle of the career of a distinguished lawyer and diplomat who has fought to preserve American sovereignty and strength at home and abroad, Surrender Is Not an Option is the candid memoir of one of America's outstanding statesmen that is sure to become required reading for everyone interested in in
ternational affairs.
by: Carl H. Middleton

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The Gay Gestapo Bagged a Duck

By: Steve Yuhas

Phil Robertson, 67, is the patriarch of the Robertson clan – a hard-working Louisiana bayou family of Christians turned television royalty on A&E Network’s “Duck Dynasty.”  When news broke that A&E placed Phil on ‘indefinite hiatus’ (in the middle of a Duck Dynasty marathon), I could not wait to learn what caused A&E to suspend the patriarch of the most-watched reality show on cable television.

The A&E statement distancing the network from the remarks read, “Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty.”  A&E also wrote about the LGBT “community” so it was probably a comment about gays, but I could not really tell what the big deal was so I had to read the comments for myself.


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Did a basketball wife out her husband?  You decide: San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan’s ongoing divorce battle with wife Amy Duncan may have produced another bombshell. A report from gossip blog Hollywood Street King alleges that Amy may have outed Tim as gay during the couple’s divorce proceedings.  According to the gossip blog, a source close to the divorce battle alleges that Tim Duncan has been involved in a gay relationship since he attended Wake Forest University, the same school where he and Amy first met.

Complete Story

  Pope Francis was greeted with a hero's welcome in Brazil Monday from Catholic youth, thousands of which are gathered in the country for a five-day celebration of World Youth Day, a major Catholic event. But on Monday night, the Argentinian-born pope got a very different reception from young LGBT Brazilians, who staged a beijaco, or kiss-in, along the papal motorcade route. Video from the protest shows demonstrators passionately kissing their partners, some of them topless, while others waved rainbow flags. Behind them, a solemn row of people stood praying.
Complete Story

Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn't kidding about cracking down on LGBT rights. On Sunday, four Dutch filmmakers were arrested under the country's new "gay propaganda" law. Signed by Putin on June 30 after passing unanimously in the State Duma, the measure bans both private and public expressions of support for gay rights deemed to be accessible to minors and prescribes fines of up to 100,000 rubles ($3,000) for violations. The filmmakers, who came to the country earlier this month to shoot a documentary about gay life in Murmansk, were taken into custody after police went through their footage and found an interview with a 17-year-old gay man (a minor under Russian law). While the foursome was fined for visa violations and let go, it is the first instance of the anti-gay law being enforced against visitors to the country.

Complete Story


Dear Civil Behavior: I am going on a five-city tour overseas with a longtime friend of mine who happens to be gay (I am straight). Another old friend lives in one of the cities we’ll be visiting, and she wants to meet up and show me around. But she’s not that open-minded about gays (she knows he’s gay), so I’d be spending the day with her alone. How can I tell my travel companion I’m taking a detour to see an old friend but he can’t come? It’s really a dilemma for me. Any advice is greatly appreciated. — Terrado, age 61

Complete Story


Police arrested four suspects who allegedly repeatedly punched and kicked two men while yelling anti-gay epithets on a Long Island street early Sunday.  One of the victims remains hospitalized in serious condition following the 3:45 a.m. attack in Babylon. The other was treated from the hospital and released. Police say the four male suspects, ages 20, 18, 18 and 17, were walking by the two victims on Deer Park Avenue and paused to ask for train directions. They then allegedly began punching, kicking and shoving the victims while uttering slurs.

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