Show Postings July 14, 2013

The big news of the day was the not guilty verdict reached in Florida in the State of Florida v. George Zimmerman.  The jury of six women deliberated for about 17 hours and came to the unanimous verdict after only two questions for the judge – even with a mob of skittle holding, hoodie wearing people outside the window of the deliberation room.  It was brave of these women to apply the law in a case that was nothing less than mob rule.  Race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton took to the streets and promised “no justice, no peace” and yelled other tired, old slogans to gin-up the media desired riot, but they failed. There was sporadic violence in places like Oakland, but it was probably less about the verdict than it was about the conditions of life for blacks in the USA.  Other news include the search for yet another United States Marine kidnapped and still missing south of the border in Mexico.  A lot of news surrounding the Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, and his antics of (what else) sexual harassment of people at city hall.  Here I thought Bob Filner was gay – turns out he’s so straight that he’s sticking his tongue down staffers’ throats.  Then there is Carl DeMaio who wrote an op-ed in the Union Tribune about how to solve all of the problems of California – well he doesn’t really offer that many solutions, but that’s his way: platitudes = results in his mind, but is it just me or is he running for the wrong office? Do you really turn a failed bid for mayor into a run for Congress? Maybe he’ll win, maybe not, but if he does win it will be pure luck, not because of anything other than he’s not got a challenger by any stretch of the imagination.

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