Obama’s Silence on LGBT-Rights Abuses in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t kidding about cracking down on LGBT rights. On Sunday, four Dutch filmmakers were arrested under the country’s new “gay propaganda” law. Signed by Putin on June 30 after passing unanimously in the State Duma, the measure bans both private and public expressions of support for gay rights deemed to be […]

Veterans Crisis Line

Veterans are more likely than almost any group to commit suicide. While friends are one of the best places to go for help in a crisis, if you need to talk to somebody about getting help there are people willing to listen, help, and intervene if you know a veteran in crisis. Better to call […]

Show Postings July 28, 2013

Disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner came out on Friday for an unannounced press event that everybody thought would be his resignation announcement – it wasn’t. Mayor Filner has had seven decades of bad behavior – behavior where he treats women in ways that only somebody with an ongoing war on women could and his […]

Post 9-11 GI Bill

Veterans have a new GI Bill, it is called the Post 9-11 GI Bill, but whatever it is called it means more money to you and money faster. Hopefully the slow processing times are a thing of the past. We shall see, but give them a try and see what you EARNED and never consider […]

Show Postings August 25, 2013

Democrat Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Friday after a month under fire for sexual harassment allegations and OTHER ISSUES, including spending tens of thousands of local tax money to fly his personal security team to Paris to speak to an organization that had nothing to do with San Diego. His resignation, effective August 30th was […]

Show Postings August 04, 2013

President Obama ordered the closure of U.S. embassies from Algeria to Bangladesh because of a threat – a specific one – that caused fear among the foreign service and military planners. The President and the Congress won’t tell us what the threat is, but this is unprecedented – the United States didn’t close our embassies […]

Is Tim Duncan Gay? Wife Amy Duncan Reportedly Outs Husband As Bisexual During Divorce Proceedings [REPORT]

San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan’s ongoing divorce battle with wife Amy Duncan may have produced another bombshell. A report from gossip blog Hollywood Street King alleges that Amy may have outed Tim as gay during the couple’s divorce proceedings. According to the gossip blog, a source close to the divorce battle alleges that Tim […]

Gay Kiss-In Greets Pope in Brazil

Pope Francis was greeted with a hero’s welcome in Brazil Monday from Catholic youth, thousands of which are gathered in the country for a five-day celebration of World Youth Day, a major Catholic event. But on Monday night, the Argentinian-born pope got a very different reception from young LGBT Brazilians, who staged a beijaco, or […]