Show Postings July 28, 2013

Disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner came out on Friday for an unannounced press event that everybody thought would be his resignation announcement – it wasn’t. Mayor Filner has had seven decades of bad behavior – behavior where he treats women in ways that only somebody with an ongoing war on women could and his […]

Show Postings August 25, 2013

Democrat Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Friday after a month under fire for sexual harassment allegations and OTHER ISSUES, including spending tens of thousands of local tax money to fly his personal security team to Paris to speak to an organization that had nothing to do with San Diego. His resignation, effective August 30th was […]

Show Postings August 04, 2013

President Obama ordered the closure of U.S. embassies from Algeria to Bangladesh because of a threat – a specific one – that caused fear among the foreign service and military planners. The President and the Congress won’t tell us what the threat is, but this is unprecedented – the United States didn’t close our embassies […]