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Are Gays Really The Root Of All Evil? WND Says Yes

By: Steve Yuhas

Whatever you think about Ann Coulter one thing is true – the woman is not “phobic” of anything. In fact if she is anything she is a true Christian open to spreading her faith and speaking to people that she believes can be solidly on the side of good. We are all flawed, but in the mind of at least one person, gay people are more flawed than anyone else. Lucky for gays like me, who lean right and are self-identified conservatives, Coulter does not think that way.

She was invited and accepted an invitation to speak to a gay Republican group called GOProud. The event is called Homocon and it will take place in New York City on September 25.

Shamefully, it was anger from right that was the loudest with one person in particular: Joseph Farah, editor of the World Net Daily. Not only was he opposed to Coulter speaking at the event, but he felt so strongly about it that he announced (via a press release, how classy) that he had to dis-invite Coulter from speaking at his conference about taking back America. Since then his public relations campaign lasted weeks with press releases offering him up for interviews about Coulter straying from Christian values by speaking to gays.

Sadly, I wasted my listeners time by booking him and I’m sorry I did for I saw a part of American politics that I’d never seen before: the absolute hate of gays by a few on the right.

Before our interview, Farah wrote on WND’s website: “Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud.”

Don’t you love principle? He wants to take back America, presumably with all of the constitutional protections that people have like freedom of assembly and speech, but they don’t apply to him or his conference. Speech he dislikes is something he cannot abide. The man is like Canada with a website. Declare Coulter a bad Christian before she even speaks and demand she not speak at an event that is on the side of conservative victories. What a shame.

Still, taking America back from those who want to change it by lurching it to the left is a good cause. His dis-inviting Coulter shouldn’t damper his own little rally in Miami. Since she was “fired” by him (during an appearance on Fox News program Red Eye she told the audience that she was not confirmed and looking at the archives of the event, she’s not been on the website and you’d think she’d be the draw since she could draw thousands to any venue) he became the headliner at his conference and there are others there to prop up his speech.

Conservatives line up for a chance to talk about what is happening in America all the time, but for some reason Farah can only get a D-list of conservative America. I wonder why that is. Could it be because he does not represent real American thought about what it means to be conservative? Could it be that having a D-list group of others wanting to take America back will not be the draw that Coulter will be to Homocon.

The question I have for the people speaking at Farah’s conference is not whether or not they think America is on the wrong track, that is obvious, but it is if they believe gays to be the root of evil like Farah does.

A lot of gay people are conservative. They may not all sign on to every conservative social issue, but I know plenty of gay people who do, myself included. But, like many at GOProud, I want to be around people who believe in some basic conservative values. A strong national defense, not bowing down to dictators or giving up our national sovereignty to the United Nations, making certain that the national debt doesn’t bankrupt our country, and a litany of other things is important to me and other gay people as much as the straights who will be at Farah’s gathering.

If Farah were a true Christian he would welcome the opportunity to talk to gay people. Instead he chooses to ignore the sins of some on the right and embraces those who peddle in pedantic arguments about Kenya. Forget those on the right that get hookers on the weekends or tap dance in the men’s room at an airport – open gay conservatives are worse because they are, well, gay.

Farah also misses a very basic mathematic principle: many elections are decided with hundreds or thousands of votes. Those could be the very gay people he wants to ignore in the political process. If you are a politician going to Farah’s event you should ask yourself if you are willing to give up gay money, gay support, and gay votes.

If you don’t share Farah’s view that gays are the biggest sinners on the planet maybe you’re speaking at the wrong conference.

The shame of it all is I understand Christianity better than Farah does (and I’m a Jew!) and the claim to have cancelled the never-confirmed Coulter because she is not living up to your idea of what a being a good Christian is is truly shameful.

Your deciding that talking to gays is anti-Christian is silly, but then again, so is the fixation on Kenya. I wish you luck. Headlining your own show is tough, but Glenn Beck drew hundreds of thousands to his just yesterday. We’ll see how well you do in comparison.

But I am going to ask if your other speakers want gay money and support. If they don’t, I’ll be the first to let the world know. I’ll start with Michelle Bachmann because she’s talked to me and I’m an evil homosexual. I doubt she shares your view, but you made it so clear by comparing talking to gays like talking to the KKK that I just have to ask.

Steve Yuhas is a radio talk show host in southern California. He can be heard on AM 600 KOGO from San Diego to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles to Arizona. Reach him at or

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