The First 100 Days: Press is Enchanted

The First 100 Days: Press is Enchanted

By: Steve Yuhas

Can someone tell me what the job of the press actually is? Surely asking the President of the United States what he finds “most enchanting” about the White House is cute, but one has to wonder what would possess a journalist to waste a prime-time question to POTUS to ask about his Cinderella moment.

I sat in front of the television as question after question lobbed at President Barack Obama ended up questions that we already knew the answers to. I watched it on the Fox News Channel and noticed their White House correspondent in the front row and certainly expected a question from the most watched network on cable television. That was not to be.

Apparently the White House is a miffed that Fox was only devoted two stations to the love-fest instead of three. But watch I did and what I saw amazed me.

President Obama was made his typical opening remarks and then went on to take thirteen questions. Each answer was well rehearsed and told us things that he already told us before – with the exception of his back tracking on the issue of signing an abortion bill that was supposed to be his top priority when he was elected.

Gays were left hanging too. With all that is happening in the world and even after the big gay debate during the Democratic primary fight, Obama was not asked once about whether or not he was for or against gay marriage or when he was going to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or the Defense of Marriage Act (also his top priority when he was a candidate – he had a lot of those).

Blacks got a question – what is government going to do for me? The answer was obvious: the stimulus package was going to help them in all kinds of ways. Forget for a minute that even if the package created jobs, which it may very well, they will be temporary ones that people lose after the package runs out in two years.

Nobody thought to ask the President about the trillions of dollars of debt that he is adding to the national debt – so much so that the debt calculator in New York City stopped counting. Amazingly, it kept counting until after former President George W. Bush left office and now it is out of order. I guess even it is shocked at the amount of debt that one administration can add to the backs of the American people.

We did get a statement about the swine flu, which we’re supposed to call some nomenclature, but I like swine flu much better – I think that makes Jews like me immune to it, but we shall see. The President told us all to be careful and that we do not need to close the border with Mexico. The Vice President is not exactly on the same page. Vice President Joe Biden told us to stay off subways and mass transit, not to travel and to suit up in protective gear.

Will someone please tell Biden to keep talking because I find his remarks entertaining and if I’m entertained during a time in American history that I’d rather forget I’ll certainly feel better about things.

There was a question about the US government being the major shareholder in car companies, insurance agencies and banks and Obama dodged that one quickly. He said that he wants the US government not to be shareholders for a long period of time so it begs the question: why are we shareholders at all? Why not let the businesses fail and pay the people who are fired unemployment rather than have the American people become the owners of bad companies?

I eagerly awaited any question that we hadn’t heard before, but it was not to be. Obama was asked about torture, presumably defined now as a caterpillar in a jail cell and a little bit of water being put in the face. Ever go to boot camp Mr. President? Oh wait, he didn’t.

Never mind.

Someone should really tell the White House that the people we were interrogating with so-called torture were actually treated better than any recruit to our military. We cannot blame them for not knowing that since nobody in Congress seems to think military service means anything anymore and the White House had to have a class to teach Obama how to salute.

Now comes the vacancy on the US Supreme Court. Who will fill it? How will Specter vote? Who cares? Government is completely controlled by liberal Democrats and we ought to let them govern. When the next terror attack comes and Americans are killed there will be nobody to blame except this White House and Congress. They are the ones gutting our security agencies and they are the ones telling the Arabs what we do when they are captured trying to kill Americans abroad.

Still, Obama has the audacity to say that he is making America safer by talking to our enemies. Ask the Israelis how well that works. They’ve been talking to the Hamas for years and nothing happened and prior to that they talked to the PLO and Arafat promptly responded to Israeli words with Arab weapons.

The White House Press outlets should be less publicly enamored by the President and act more like they did when Bush was POTUS. There is a great video put out by Fox News that shows how the press treated Bush during his first 100 days compared to how they treated Obama. Today the press is moved to tears when Obama enters the room and they talk about his dog and how wonderful it is to see him.

When Bush was standing in the same spot they talked about how terrible life was for the American people. If you believe the White House we are in the middle of the Great Depression, but somehow nobody bothered to ask about that.

At least we know that the president got a dog and that illegal amnesty is on the way!
Steve Yuhas is a radio talk show host on AM 600 KOGO in southern California. He may be reached at or

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