Show Postings August 04, 2013

President Obama ordered the closure of U.S. embassies from Algeria to Bangladesh because of a threat – a specific one – that caused fear among the foreign service and military planners. The President and the Congress won’t tell us what the threat is, but this is unprecedented – the United States didn’t close our embassies after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against New York and the Pentagon (to be fair, we scaled-back on consular duties), but a closure? No. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is hanging on (so is Anthony Weiner), but the Democratic ‘War on Women’ has brought out yet another claimant – this makes the exposure to the city in the high tens of millions of dollars. The San Diego City Council voted unanimously not to fund the defense or settlements that might come about after Filner comes out of his two week rehab program to change a lifetime of behavior. None of that will matter because his actions took place while he was acting in his official capacity as mayor of the city he leads and his defense of not having a city sexual harassment class falls on deaf ears given he spent 45 years in public office of one type or another and when he was a Congressman (a federal employee) he did have training. The economy is not growing and some are calling Generation Y (and the millenials) the lost generation, but there’s hope. Nidal Hasan (a Major in the U.S. Army who sprayed fellow American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas with gunfire for allah) goes to trial on Monday. It’s taken years for the event, that happened in 2009, to go to trial, but even with admissions from Hasan that he did the attack on Americans for allah and against the United States as a terror attack, troops looking to be compensated for their actions in combat are receiving nothing because the Obama Administration says the event was little more than workplace violence.

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