Show Postings August 11, 2013

The devil is in the details about San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s rehab, but one thing we do know – it’s over. The mayor is cured! Speaking of him being cured – next Sunday (August 18 and the next time we’re on the air – we’ll come to you early at 2:00 p.m. to cover the big anti-Filner rally at City Hall – should be interesting to see how the cured mayor responds to vocal criticism). Join us then. Of course, there is much more news – the first system-wide Amber Alert woke people up because the system sent multiple messages to people from San Diego to San Francisco about a teen that was taken after her brother and mother were killed by a friend of the family. She was recovered and her abductor shot and killed by police. The Amber Alert had nothing to do with finding her and that is going to because to turn the thing off. Egypt is erupting into turmoil as the Muslim Brotherhood savages continue their anti-Egyptian protest – they’re burning churches and Obama is calling them protests as if they are peaceful – the protests against the Egyptian military are as much a protest as the demolition and assassination of the American ambassador in Benghazi was a protest – pure fiction and the president will be golfing on what is sure to be a deadly week.

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