Show Postings August 18, 2013

KOGO’s special coverage of the Bob Filner recall petition and process. Petition gathering and a rally taking place at San Diego City Hall with coverage by KOGO’s Mike Hancock and rally participants. We heard from both sides in this scandal – some want Mayor Filner to go and others say that he should stay. 10News is reporting that about 80% of San Diego voters want Mayor Bob Filner to resign, but he is holding out for the best deal. We hear from the rally, demonstrators, lawyers, non-lawyers, and from the scene. The good news is that we’ve come a long way in making sure that people are treated with respect. Yuhas took some criticism for not being on board with the recall itself because everybody knew who Bob Filner was when they elected Filner as Mayor of San Diego – now they’re mad that he was caught? Is it right to recall somebody for being a horrible person? The City Council is said to be looking at a deal and the Steve Yuhas prediction: City Council will cut a deal Filner and he’ll leave with his head high and with limited liability – that’s almost certain. One final thing: People called the program and the most recent victim was made fun of because she was not pretty enough to be hit on by Bob Filner. That is horrible and just as bad as what Filner did.

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