Show Postings August 25, 2013

Democrat Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Friday after a month under fire for sexual harassment allegations and OTHER ISSUES, including spending tens of thousands of local tax money to fly his personal security team to Paris to speak to an organization that had nothing to do with San Diego. His resignation, effective August 30th was approved after what can only be described as bizarre. Pro-Filner forces seem to have arrived by space ship and garbage truck. Anti-Filner forces asked that the recall effort move forward and some asked what happened to the San Diego Police Department and if they were complicit in the mayor’s activities. The deal is done and Mayor Filner will depart and so far folks have begun filing to run in the special election: Nathan Fletcher (the Republican, the Independent, and the Democrat), but also the only Marine in the bunch, filed for office. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a non-politician in the office? What is all the garbage with jazz hands during city council meetings (so people didn’t clap) and the ridiculous “it’s time to heal” garbage? Nobody knows what will happen when Filner steps down, but Todd Gloria will be the acting mayor and says he has no interest in the job (who would) so that leaves the oxygen to be taken-up by Carl DeMaio who won’t say if he’s going to end his Congressional bid for the seat in Congress currently held by Rep. Scott Peters (D-52) or if he’ll move over to the race for the mayor’s office. Then there is the lead up to war in Syria. The President is acting as though a military strike could come at any time, but he’s not pushing the button or pulling the trigger and, worse than that, he’s telegraphing to our enemy what we are and are not going to do. The whole thing is expected to be over a couple of days after it starts, but will that be enough to do anything? What is our purpose on having a military strike? Nobody is able to answer. Should be an interesting week.

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