Show Postings July 28, 2013

Disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner came out on Friday for an unannounced press event that everybody thought would be his resignation announcement – it wasn’t. Mayor Filner has had seven decades of bad behavior – behavior where he treats women in ways that only somebody with an ongoing war on women could and his special announcement? Well, he’s going to take two weeks off, during the previously announced summer recess of the San Diego City Council, to get help for a lifetime of sexual abuse targeted toward women. Really? Two weeks is all it takes to change a lifetime of bad behavior? This guy is a laughing stock (it’s tough to decide who the bigger pervert is: Anthony Weiner who continued “sexting” long after he left Congress or the Bob Filner). One thing we do know: They’re both Democrats and they’re being asked to step aside by their party, but many are defending them saying what they did is private. What do you think about Mayor Filner’s two-week plan and the Weiner problem in NYC? President Obama is out talking about the economy – he has no new ideas and instead rolled out the phrase to avoid responsibility for anything happening in Washington: Phony scandal. He doesn’t say which of the scandals in Washington, D.C. (that he apparently forgets he leads one of three branches of) – is the one where the IRS targeted Americans for their political beliefs? What about Benghazi – four Americans died because their security requests were turned down at the State Department – surely he can’t say that is phony (after the phony excuse of an internet video nobody saw)? Is Fast & Furious a scandal – hundreds of Mexicans were killed with guns imported from the United States with hopes to somehow track them… without tracking them – and a border agent and Americans were killed with the same guns? How about snooping on reporters – is that a fake scandal or the real thing?  Traitor Update: It’s hard to keep up with all of the updates coming out about Army Major Nidal Hasan, Private Bradley Manning, and former Booz Allen Hamilton employee and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, but we’ll try.

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