Show Postings September 01, 2013

Mayor Bob Filner is no more. His last day in office was on August 30th and his ability to inflict damage on the City of San Diego is now limited to whether or not other women come forward to complain about how they were treated by the mayor. As the show began, Politico responded to a press release issued by the DeMaio for Congress campaign that says DeMaio would be making an announcement on Tuesday about whether or not he’ll drop his bid for Congress and step-in and run for mayor. Of course, his camp and the San Diego GOP got upset when I “railed” against DeMaio and made fun of him missing the bathroom – the chairman of the San Diego Republican Party wrote to me that my being opposed to DeMaio was tiring. So is losing to Democrats up and down the length and width of California. I’m actually sick of the California GOP and the San Diego GOP frankly, they’re so pompous, but they continue to lose. They expect people just to pretend that California and the San Diego region hasn’t gone from being bright red to being purple – at best – if not blue. They think if they run moderates that they’ll do better and every moderate they run loses. The same is true with DeMaio and his supporters don’t like when he’s compared to the Democrats in the race, but show me a difference between him and Scott Peters? Real differences, not the silly little things as if Peters doesn’t want to balance the federal budget – all of them will fight against BRACs and RIFs because they know it will cost federal jobs in the San Diego area so that’s no difference and the list goes on. I’ll keep talking about DeMaio so long as he keeps putting out press releases. I never asked for them, but his campaign insists on giving them. Syria turned bizarre on Saturday as President Obama went to the Rose Garden to say that he doesn’t have to go to Congress for permission to strike Syria over its use of chemical weapons, but he said they’re going to go to Congress anyway. Many take this as Obama suddenly realizing that there are a separation of powers, but the reality is that Obama is alone – after Britain refused to back our use of force in Syria all Obama has left is France. France will cheer us on, but all of the work will be left to the USA – as it always is. The debate should be interesting and a failure in Congress would be terrible for the country. Putin and Obama will see each other this coming week at the G20 in St. Petersburg, Russia. That should be a cold cold meeting.

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